About Us

Roosevelt Auto Detailing and Reconditioning School is currently being developed as a nonprofit organization, providing the knowledge of reconditioning and detail to veterans, second chance reentry of second chance offenders. With these skills of the hands that the students will be learning they will be taught to not only hit every crack in an automobile, they will be able to detail and recondition RV’s , Buses and Planes, trucks, with these skills the students will be able to work worldwide.

This school will not only teach a trade to individuals that will have completed the course of knowledge, but upon completion, it will give and offer employment placement as well as a completion certificate from Roosevelt School of Auto Detailing and Reconditioning. This nonprofit organization will bring partnership, organization, honesty and completion back to the automobile industry, as well install values back to the future, within our students.

Partnership will be taught to our students during the six week course their study skills along with the testing will be required to have a partner. With partnership this alone will create trust and honesty, this honesty will also build a bond with the students and instructors. Organization is the number one key to detail and reconditioning, this is a mustard seed of what Roosevelt School of Auto Detailing and Reconditioning will offer.

Our instructors will be handpicked by the CEO and founder of Roosevelt S.A.D.R, with him being a thriving successful entrepreneur of his  own detailing company for fifteen years and car hauling company for the past ten years and with this we cannot loose on bringing something great to the auto industry, with his knowledge of the auto industry and with his  close and personal relationship with CEO’s of multiple dealership he knows what’s to be expected and the expectations of detailing and reconditioning an automobile. Therefore once the picks are chosen from the head and not HR committee, the apple will not fall far from the tree. Our students will always be able to see, talk and learn from the head he will be hands on in the classroom will teach the expectation to our students ,with two in services a month for our instructors this will keep our boat a float. Our CEO slogan is never expecting something from other that you yourself will not be willing to do or haven’t been thought. Following these wards alone will bring productivity though and from the Roosevelt School of Auto Detailing and Reconditioning.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a world
Class auto detailing facility on a
Foundation of integrity,
Team member development,
And community involvement.

We will focus on growth and
Measurable results that promotes

Our Curriculum

Students will be provided a wide-range of courses. These include:

Automotive detailing
Dent and bumper repair
Polishing and waxing

Wet sanding

Roosevelt Thomas

Our Founder

"It has been a long journey, but it has been my goal to honor my Uncle Roosevelt, by opening the Roosevelt School of Auto Detailing and passing on this knowledge and expertise to those who want to receive the same pleasure and rewards passed on to me." - M. Meeks

Milton Meeks, founder of Roosevelt School of Auto Detailing and Reconditioning is a veteran as well a successful entrepreneur who is dedicated with a passion and love for auto detailing. Mr. Meeks has over thirty years of detailing experience and wants to bring that experience and passion to the metro Atlanta community.

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