Reviews and Testimonies

February 15, 2021

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to provide a professional reference for Milton Meeks, Founder/CEO of Roosevelt School of Auto Detailing. In my experience in the Auto Detailing business, I have had the pleasure of encountering many of the Detailing industry’s professionals and industry leaders. Of those, I have had the pleasure of meeting Milton Meeks who ranks among the very best speakers, educators and detailers I’ve encountered. His speeches on the topics of innovation and creativity have influenced industry insiders in the surrounding areas.

Meeks has deep professional expertise, and it shows. He draws on his 30-year long career and honoring the memory of his Uncle Roosevelt of which his school is named. His experience and passion for auto detailing lends a hand to the knowledge he is passing down through his school and workshops. Mr. Meeks slogan “never expecting something from others that you yourself will not be willing to do or haven’t been taught”, is what drives him to continue to find ways to give the knowledges he’s obtained and been passed down to him to those who seek it.

Spending time in Atlanta at Roosevelt S.A.D.R gave me some insight and knowledge I can take with me to continue to run my business successfully. I learned practices that I already had in place but also some I could put in place to help make by business standout.

In sum, it is my pleasure to give Milton Meeks my highest recommendation as an industry professional and educator for the Auto Detailing industry. He will deliver valuable information, quality detail work, he also takes pride in his work and the work he is doing for the community especially through Roosevelt S.A.D.R. Which strives to be a non-profit providing the knowledge of reconditioning and detail to veterans, second chance reentry of second chance offenders.  

Terrell Shinhoster
Terrell’s Mobile Detailing, Tallahassee, FL

December 3, 2018

To Whom it May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation to inform that Mr. Milton Meeks is highly recommended by the Machine Shop. He did a great job in showing us the different techniques to use. The different techniques have helped us with boosting the productivity and profitability. Mr. Meeks showed us some ways we can control and cut down the waste of our supplies. He helped us cut cost tremendously. We can see a profiting line continuing to increase from the information that he has provided to us. He has helped us improve the quality of our supplies. We have also seen better quality for use on our vehicles. Thank you for allowing the time in showing us some new ways to improve as we move forward.


Joe Marzouca
The Machine Shop